What is BharOS?|Indigenous mobile operating system.

Bhar Os

BharOS(Bharat Operating System) India’s indigenous mobile operating system by IIT Madras.
BharOS is Founded by J&K Operations Private Limited,IIT Madras.
It’s luanched by IIT Madras on dated of 24 January 2023 of it’s initial release.
BharOs is a Free and Open Source Android Project and it is developed by The Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IIT Madras).
The BharOS project aims to reduce the dependence on foreign operating systems in smartphones and promote the use of locally developed technology.
It is a new mobile operating system with a focus on privacy and security of indians.

BharOS is based on the Linux kernel, BharOS is an operating system, which is quite similar to Google’s Android.

Is BharOS open source?

BharOS is a mobile operating system designed by IIT Madras and Yes ,It is an Indian government-funded project to develop a free and open-source operating system (OS) for use in government and public systems.It will be available for all indian users for free.

Is BharOS is better than Android?

BharOS is also based on Linux Kernel ,it is similar to Google’s Android but with few changes like it does not come with preloaded applications. BharOS gives flexibility to choose apps that they want rather than forcing them to use any app.

What are the benefits of BharOS?
source: Youtube Ashwini Vaishnaw.

BharOS developers claim that the BharOS is better than Google’s Android and Apple’s ios in terms of features and security. They also claim that BharOS could even improve the battery life of mobile phones. This will also allow users to install apps of their interest and will ship with an India-based app store.