Google Bard?|Google Bard can write, debug, and explain code just like ChatGPT|Bard vs ChatGPT?

Google is launching its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot called Google Bard.

Google Bard is Google’s experimental, conversational, responsive AI-Powered chatbot service. It will function exactly like ChatGPT, with the biggest difference being that Google’s service Bard will pull all its information from the web.

Google Bard is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, This is the latest AI-powered chatbot that can respond to various queries and requests in a conversational manner. It generates high-quality responses based on inputs provided by users.
Currently, it is not available for use, Google CEO Sundar Pichai states that they are testing their Google Bard Ai with a small set of trusted testers. They have decided to use the Bard AI for getting conversational responses. It will release in 2023. It will integrated into Google Search and It could be accessible through google’s search bar.

You should know that the Google Bard AI release date is expected in 2023. Now, Only selected users are allow to use the Beta Version of Bard through Google Search Engine.

What is LaMDA?

A Google Bard is the experimental technology, based on LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Google’s language model built on Transformer, a neural network architecture.

Google Bard has been released with a lightweight model version of LaMDA that utilizes significantly less computing power, allowing scalability to more users and gaining more feedback that is intended to be combined with Google’s internal testing.

LaMDA is essentially a statistical method that can predict the following words in a series based on the previous ones. This allows the conversation to flow freely from one topic to another. It utilizes concepts like multimodal user intent, reinforcement learning, and suggestions.

How to use Google Bard AI?

To be able to use Google Bard, you had to be chosen among the chosen group of beta testers. If you were chosen, you can open the Google app on a smart device, tap on the chatbot icon, and simply enter your prompt or request.

This is the point where the conversation starts, and you can start asking your questions or making requests. Currently, Google is no longer accepting applications to join the Beta Testing group.

Features of Google Bard AI

Although chatbots cannot exactly hold conversations like humans, they notoriously appear to do so by generating a wide range of digital text that can be repurposed in nearly any context. Google’s chatbot strives to achieve that with almost any topic thrown it’s way by the users

  • Seeking to showcase the combination of power, intelligence, and creativity
  • Collecting information from user responses and the web
  • Using a lite model version of the LaMDA for initial testing purposes
  • Collecting feedback to improve the AI ​​system in the future

Google has a long history of using AI to improve search for billions, and now, their newest AI technologies are building on this and developing entirely new ways to engage with information, whether it’s language, images, video, or audio.

Scope of AI with Google Bard

Today’s AI offers more opportunities to deepen our understanding of information and efficiently transform it into useful knowledge. This making it convenient for people to find what they’re looking for quickly. AI is helpful in moments that require the synthesis of insights for questions that have no one correct answer.

Soon, AI-powered features in Search will be able to resolve complex information and various perspectives into quick and easily digestible formats. Google Search plans to roll out these new AI features soon.

Over time, Google also intends to develop a suite of tools and APIs to help build more innovative applications with AI. These advancements could prove crucial to startups who want to build reliable and trustworthy AI systems.

Google Bard AI vs ChatGPT ?

  • Google Bard AI will be able to answer real-time questions. ChatGPT responses are based on data available till 2021.
  • Google Bard AI requires a minor integration with the Google settings to get regular search results, while ChatGPT returns only text responses.
  • Google Bard is based on LaMDA, whereas ChatGPT is based on GPT.
  • ChatGPT has its plagiarism detector (AI Text Classifier), a feature not yet available for Google Bard.
  • Google Bard AI is completely free for now, whereas ChatGPT Plus is available at paid plan.

Chatbots like ChatGPT and LaMDA are more expensive to operate than typical software. Bard is the “lighter” version of LaMDA allows you to run at a lower cost.

When is the Google Bard released Date?

Google Bard was initially announced on Feb. 6, 2023, Now google Bard will be launched in 21st March 2023 according to Sundar Pichai.